Park Opening Time: 10:00 am to 6.00 pm
  • General Park Rules

    Warning: All guests must follow these requirements and failure to do so may result in serious repercussions including removal from the Park, serious injuries or death.

    • Compliance with Pearl Bay Staff - Please follow all instructions given by our Staff. which is crucial for your safety and enjoyment.
    • Park admission – Guests should purchase a valid ticket based on their height.
    • Supervision of Children: Children under the age of 12 must always be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.
    • Restriction on usage of Alcohol and Substance: Entering the premises under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances or its consumption within the premises are strictly prohibited.
    • Data Protection: Photographing and videography of staff and the guests shall be deemed as the processing of their personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act, No. 9 of 2022. and is strictly prohibited unless prior consent is obtained from the respective staff or the guests, and such consent is deemed necessary solely for legitimate purposes.
    • Outside Food and Beverages Policy – Outside food and beverages are not permitted due to safety and hygienic concerns.
    • Designated Areas for Consuming Food and Smoking: Consuming food and smoking are only permitted in designated areas.
    • Adherence to Dress Code: Adhere to the dress code policy for SplashBay and SpeedBay
    • Safety Gear Usage: It's essential to use the appropriate equipment and safety gear provided for SplashBay and SpeedBay which are designed for your protection.
    • Restrictions on usage of Cameras, Mobile Phones and other Digital Devices: Cameras, mobile phones, selfie sticks, and similar items are not allowed on the rides. GoPros are permitted at SplashBay if securely mounted on the head or the chest using a harness without metal buckles and at SpeedBay if securely mounted on a helmet.
    • Prohibited Behaviors: Refrain from running, diving, jumping, pushing, engaging in rough play, reckless driving, or any behavior that could lead to injury to yourself or others.
    • Queue Etiquette: Kindly queue up and wait for your turn. Queue jumping is not acceptable and disrupts the experience for others, unless a partner is required for double tube rides.
    • Security of Belongings: Do not leave your belongings unattended. Management shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.
    • CCTV Surveillance: These premises are monitored by CCTV cameras for safety and security.
    • Emergency Procedures: Familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures and exits within Pearl Bay. In case of any emergency, follow the instructions provided by our staff.
    • Respectful Behavior: Treat fellow guests and Pearl Bay staff with courtesy and respect. Any disruptive or disrespectful behavior may result in removal from Pearl Bay.
    • No Pets: To ensure the safety and comfort of all guests, no pets are allowed within Pearl Bay.
    • Prohibited Items: For safety reasons, certain items such as sharp objects, glass, weapons, and illegal substances are strictly prohibited within the premises. Random Screening may be conducted
    • First Aid Stations: In case of minor injuries or medical assistance approach staff or proceed to the designated first aid stations for assistance.
    • Respect Noise Levels: Maintain an appropriate noise level (screaming and shouting) in consideration of other guests and the surroundings.
    • Special attention to differently abled people: For the well-being of guests , they are required to assess their physical and mental capabilities before participating in activities at Pearl Bay. Differently abled people are strictly advised not to use water rides and karting for their own safety. However, our staff will direct them to suitable activities under the strict supervision of a parent or guardian.
    • Guest Safety and Enjoyment Regulation: These rules have been established to guarantee the safety and enjoyment of Pearl Bay guests. Management of the Pearl Bay values and appreciates your cooperation These regulations may be revised at the discretion of the Management.
    • The Management is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur within the premises and guests do so at their own risk! 


             Do not use the rides if you have the following conditions:

    • Heart conditions or surgery
    • Neck, back or joint problems
    • Any serious or debilitating medical conditions
    • Pregnant
    • Severe motion sickness
    • Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances
  • Dress Code Policy


    • SplashBay Dress Code Policy
      • All males (regardless of age) must wear swim shorts. 
      • Women must wear one or two-piece swimsuits. 
      • Undergarments/boxer shorts are not allowed for health and sanitation reasons. 
      • No scarves or shawls are allowed in the pools or slides.
      • Only swimwear clothing material is allowed. Clothing with cotton, wool, linen, denim, silk, leather, etc is not allowed.

      The following are not considered swimwear:

      • Unlined gym shorts (basketball shorts) 
      • Cargo shorts
      • Trousers of any kind 
      •  Denim shorts
      • Cut off shorts 

      Swimwear with metal rivets, buttons, buckles, snaps, zippers or sharp objects will not be permitted on the slides as it could potentially injure riders and damage the rides. Persons who are not toilet trained or incontinent are required to wear swim-rated diapers. 


    • SpeedBay Dress Code Policy
      • Sarongs/Lungis
      • Sarees/Shalwars/Kurthas
      • Flared skirts/flared pants
      • Scarfs/Shawls/Hijabs/Burkas/Abayas
      • Sandals/Slippers/High-heeled shoes

      The following are must to be worn: 

      • Fittings jeans or pants
      • Fitting T-Shirts/Shirts/Tops
      • Flat-heeled-closed-toe shoes
      • Every driver must wear a helmet, shower cap and gloves.
      • Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied up and tucked into the shower cap.

      The Management decision on dress code compliance is final.

  • Height & Weight Requirement

    For safety reasons, we have introduced certain requirements:

    SplashBay Slide Height Requirement:

    Some of our SplashBay rides are restricted to guests above 1.2 m in height only. 

    Guests below 1.2 m in height can enjoy our Kiddies Area which includes the Rookie tower and Speed & Splash (an interactive play structure) and Pixies’ Cove (baby pool).

    SplashBay Slide Weight Requirement:

    Maximum 100 kg.

    SpeedBay Height Requirement:

    Guests of age 8+ with a minimum height of 1.2 m can enjoy the main track.

    Children of age 4 to 7 and above can go karting in SpeedBay’s Bambino Track. 

    SpeedBay Weight requirement:

    Maximum 120 kg

  • Disclaimer

    Participation in Pearl Bay activities is at your own risk!  Splash Bay attractions are body active and participatory activities involving physical contact and impact. David Pieris Leisure (Private) Limited and David Pieris Racing and Leisure (Private) Limited shall not be liable for any accidents, injuries, damages, losses and claims (direct or indirect) arising from or relating to participation in such activities.